Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet have traveled the world together before in Total Drama World Tour, but due to popular demand, Total Drama books another trip around the world, but this time with a new cast of contestants! 18 dramatic, sarcastic, and romantic teens from all over Canada compete in the series' newest installment where they are forced to spend most of their time on a beat-up plane with each other! Flying from destination to destination, these teens are put into three teams of six to compete for a chance at the million. Barf bags filled with airline issued peanuts await at the Barf Bag Ceremony where the losing team will have to vote out on of their own. The contestant that doesn't receive a barf-bag will be forced to take the Drop of Shame, plummeting to the ground below them! Dramatic flights filled with many fights and much more is in store during Total... Drama... Across The Globe!

Written by, Ash with influence and such from Jordan


Aaron, labeled The 'Method Actor' - Aaron is a small town theater geek hoping to make it on the big screen someday. Because he doesn't have his own identity, Aaron often makes up characters and pretends to be them by using the technique of method acting. That being said, you never really know when Aaron is being genuine. That then raises the question of trusting Aaron. Can Aaron ever find his true self or will the curtain to his victory close?

Adam, labeled The 'Hopeless Romantic' - Adam's day mostly consists of horrid rom-coms, cheesy chick-flics, and lots of ice cream. You could say he's hopeless, or helpless. Adam came onto the show to find the one, but that may be a bit difficult with all his day dreaming and inability to flirt. Adam is a firm believer and dreamer of love, but will he ever find it? Will the million reject Adam like many girls before, or can Adam spark up the courage to have a date with the million?

Connor, labeled The 'Swimming Olympian' - Training, training and training, Connor's never really gotten a break! Born into a family of Olympic gold medalists, Connor grew up with winners and people just like him. With his head held high, he never complained and went with the flow. Swimming was his passion and there's no denying that, but does his really enjoy it? Other physical hobbies of Connor's include weight-lifting, track, cross-country, and much more. Will Connor eventually tire out, leaving the game? Or, will Connor use his skills and swiftly swim to the million?

Ellie, labeled The 'Introverted Writer' - Extremely shy and reserved, Ellie is a writer who writes because her work is her only friend, as well as the only way she can communicate without it being a struggle. Although she writes of fantasy and adventure, Ellie lacks one thing to truly make her writing pop; inspiration. Only leaving her house to go to school, Ellie's mother has been trying to find a way to make her daughter leave the nest and look at the real world for once, but can it work?. Will Ellie crawl back into the deep depths of her bedroom, or will she be the hero she's always written about?

Estefany, labeled The 'Forgotten It Girl' - Her hand-made clothing traveling the world and making her a star, Estefany had all the fame she could get at the age of thirteen. Wasting all her money on Dustin Beaver CDs and the most expensive material to make her closet pop, Estefany went bankrupt. With losing her money, she also lost the small ounce of fame she had acquired. Estefany tried to do anything in her power to get her money and fame back, but it just never worked. Estefany hopes that by joining Total Drama she could win the million and get her life back on track, but will her chances at winning this season, much like her fame, die out?

Gabourey, labeled The 'Big Beauty' - Large and in charge, Gabourey has never let someone give her flack for being who she is. Gabourey has the confidence of a model and is not afraid to show it. Being courageous and outrageous, Gabourey is pretty noticeable and will make sure everyone knows her, whether it be for good things or for bad. Will Gabourey quiet down and dominate the game being untouched, or will her personality spark up a fire in others to eliminate her?

Gregory, labeled The 'Insensitive Jerk' - When people are really mean, you assume something bad happened to them when they were young, right? Well, that never happened to Gregory. He's a Grade A jerk, but still somehow manages to make friends. It might be because of his interests, which involve punching dorks and hitting on chicks any chance he gets, or it might just be his connections. Can Gregory's iced heart and tough manner freak the others to keep him around, or will he finally learn his lesson?

Hunter, labeled The 'Clueless Hottie' - Unlike Total Drama's past hotties, Hunter isn't here to manipulate others. He's just here to have some fun! People who know Hunter love him for his abs. Er, his big heart and his personality. Although he's packing in the looks department, Hunter is lacking in the smarts department. Often confused, Hunter can be an easy target in the competition. Forgetting his surroundings and even his own name is a common thing for Hunter, but we hope there is something in that good-looking skull of his. Can his looks save him, or will it be goodbye for this hottie?

Lourdes, labeled The 'Overbearing Loser' - Ever met someone who tried doing everything, but just sucked at it all? If you haven't, meet Lourdes! Being a member of all the clubs in her school, Lourdes is known as the overbearing and obnoxious teen who will never take no for an answer. Lourdes auditioned for her school's musical twenty-three times until finally accepting no, although she did sabotage the musical and made sure the main lead got hurt... Regardless, Lourdes sucks at everything and just tries too hard for her own good. Will Lourdes finally find her true calling, or will she be told no again and fly back to Losertown?

Olive, labeled The 'Environmentalist' - Olive is a huge advocate for the Environmental Protection Movement, as shown by some of her rather strange activities. One time, Olive tied herself to a tree during a huge protest to save the environment and its creatures! Olive also released all the animals at the zoo, but she obviously got in major trouble for it. Mother Nature has inspired Olive to really look at the life around her and appreciate it, but with many trying to take that from her it's no surprise she's so worked up about it. Will Olive's way of life creep the others out, or will her protesting actually save something; her life in the game?

Patrick, labeled The 'Scout Master' - This ol' Scout Master holds a first for the series by having being the first adult to participate in Total Drama since the beginning of a season. Sorry, Blaineley! Patrick has had a fairly normal life, which some might call a tad bit boring. He's had two kids, a wife, and is a great helper in his community. Once Patrick reached the age of 35, he decided to try something new to rebuild himself. Will Patrick be an outsider in the competition or can Patrick get the last "badge" he needs; the million?

Rebecca, labeled The 'Femme Fatale' - From the age of 3, Rebecca has always been able to get her way. Her two fathers always spoiled her for no reason, but Rebecca was fine with it. Since her whole family consists of men, Rebecca knows how to fit in with them while still being as girly as possible. Later in life, she soon realized that she could be handed anything she wanted, which sparked up Rebecca's femme fatale mentality. Will the other girls see Rebecca as a threat and take her out, or will the guys keep her around, handing her the million on a nice silver breifcase?

Roxanne, labeled The 'Hyperactive Rocker' - If anyone were to start a riot, it'd be Roxanne. Taking her hometown by storm with her rocking tunes, Roxanne is a new face in the music scene and aspires to be just like her idols, but there's just one thing... she's too energetic! Roxanne's energy could power up the world! Y'know, if that were possible, but Roxanne can never keep a straight face and is always out of it. Will it be lights out for Roxanne, or can she prove to the others that she's got what it takes?

Ryder, labeled The 'High School Hustler' - If you make a deal with Ryder, you make a deal with the devil. Sweet talker and bad written all over him, Ryder is the local bad boy who wants to get his way no matter who he hurts. Of course, Ryder would make sure that no one knew of his plans or anything involving them. His go-getting personality makes him seem very attractive and his use of words only further enchants the ladies. Whatever his methods are to get what he wants, he will get it. Will Ryder's bad attitude and tendency to be fake with others be transparent, or will he hide behind his lackey's to secure his victory?

Sabrina, labeled The 'Snarky Bookworm' - This intellectual teen spends her days reading...and reading...and reading. Sabrina's passion for reading started in when she was a small, thanks to her mother being a librarian. Much like the previous 'bookworm' known by the name of Noah, Sabrina is also sarcastic and can't take stupidity at all. She hates the players, but loves the game and will do anything it takes to win, even if it means associating herself with idiots. Will Sabrina realize that her sarcasm is only holding her back, or can she school the other contestants and win?

Tiberius, labeled The 'Team Player' - Top player on the basketball team, Tiberius has always been the center of attention. Despite not liking the dislike, Tiberius usually uses it to help others. At one of his big games, he decided to sit out so one of the worst players could play. Was it a good decision? Yes and no. Sure, it made him look better and gave the newbie a chance to prove himself, but the newbie kinda lost it for the team. Will Tiberius cost his team another game, or can he take this one home and make the three-pointer to victory?

Woody, labeled The 'Social Nerdling' - Although most nerds are notorious for their terrible social skills, Woody is well-known for being a class-favorite nerd. Being a socialite come with a price and although it might be a small one, Woody has trouble talking to guys. It might just be because they are more aggressive and are more inclined to hurt the poor nerd, or it just might be that he can't relate. Woody can talk to ladies for hours on end, which usually gives Woody the role of the stereotypical GBF. Despite all his efforts, that is all Woody is seen as. Can Woody break away from the role given to him, or will he never truly be on of the guys?

Yolandaira, labeled The 'Foreigner' - No one really knows where Yolandaira is from, but we all know she isn't from anywhere modern... or anywhere that speaks English. Hot-headed and all over the place, Yolandaira has a short temper, but since no one understands her, she can manipulate others into doing things for her because they don't expect much from her which can always be a good thing. Will Yolandaira talk her way out of elimination, or will she be sent back to her country of Who-Knows-Where-ville?


Zero: The Conversation Special

Word Count: TBA
Posted On: TBA

One: Lost Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, California
Word Count: TBA
Posted On: TBA

?: Getting Messy With Nessie

Location: Loch Ness, Scotland
Word Count: TBA
Posted On: TBA

?: Galapago Already!

Location: Galapagos Island
Word Count: TBA
Posted On: TBA

?: Food Is For Barceloners

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Word Count: TBA
Posted On: TBA

?: Back To The Stone Age

Location: Kenyan Highlands, Africa
Word Count: TBA
Posted On: TBA

?: Rome-in' Around

Location: Rome, Italy
Word Count: TBA
Posted On: TBA

?: The Masquerade Bali

Location: Bali, Indonesia
Word Count: TBA
Posted On: TBA

?: Don't Say We African't

Location: Cape Town Central, Africa
Word Count: TBA
Posted On: TBA

?: You Can't Rushmore Love

Location: Keystone, South Dakota
Word Count: TBA
Posted On: TBA

?: Bid You Dubai

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Word Count: TBA
Posted On: TBA

?: The Outlook Is Gollum

Location: New Zealand
Word Count: TBA
Posted On: TBA

Twenty: Falling For The Million

Location: Angel Falls, Venezuela
Word Count: TBA
Posted On: TBA


Elimination Table

Rank Contestant 1
TBA Aaron
TBA Adam
TBA Connor
TBA Ellie
TBA Estefany
TBA Gabourey
TBA Gregory
TBA Hunter
TBA Lourdes
TBA Olive
TBA Patrick
TBA Rebecca
TBA Roxanne
TBA Ryder
TBA Sabrina
TBA Tiberius
TBA Woody
TBA Yolandaira


  •   TEAM  This contestant is on Team One.
  •   TEAM  This contestant is on Team Two.
  •   TEAM  This contestant is on Team Three.
  •   WIN  This contestant won the challenge and immunity from the vote off along with their team.
  •   WIN  This contestant won the challenge and individual immunity from the vote off.
  •   IMN  This contestant was immune from the vote off automatically.
  •   IDOL  This contestant was immune from the vote off due to using the McLean Invincibility Statue and all votes against them do not count.
  •   LOW  This contestant received the final barf bag at the Barf Bag ceremony.
  •   LOW  This contestant received the final barf bag at a fake Barf Bag ceremony.
  •   SAFE  This contestant received a barf bag and was not eliminated from the competition.
  •   IN  This episode was an introduction episode.
  •   QUIT/LEFT  This contestant left or quit the show for un/known purposes.
  •   OUT  This contestant didn't receive a barf bag at the Barf Bag ceremony