Tribe Profile
Season Survivor: Venezuela
Namesake An indigneous language and tribe from Venezuela
Tribe Type Starter tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Arawak
Tribe Status Merged with Arawak on Day 18
Challenges Won 7
Lowest Placing Member Blake (16/16)
Highest Placing Member TBA (?/16)


Mapoyo (map-oh-yo) was one of the two competing tribes in Survivor: Venezuela.

Despite losing the first challenge by a large margin, the tribe went on a winning streak, only losing two challenges. The tribe is known for their unity as both castaways voted out were voted out as a result of a unanimous vote. After the swap, there were 3 Arawak (Brandon, Johnny, Luke) and 3 Mapoyo (Andrew, Haze, Sam).


Original TribeEdit

VeneORG BlakeVeneORG MarkosVeneORG PhoebeVeneORG Andrew
VeneORG HazeVeneORG SammyVeneORG RyanVeneORG Augusto

► Phoebe
► Andrew
► Haze
► Sam

Post-Tribe SwapEdit

VeneORG AndrewVeneORG HazeVeneORG Sammy
VeneORG BrandonVeneORG JohnnyVeneORG Luke

► Sam
► Brandon
► Johnny
► Luke

Tribe HistoryEdit